Grass fed

grass finished 

dry aged 

Texas Beef

No Artificial Hormones. 

No Antibiotics...Ever!

 Get the taste of Texas shipped directly from our pastures to your family table. 


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⭐️ YES, we deliver to most of SETX .. you can find our map on the home page but it isn't exact.. If you aren't sure just reach out via Facebook or Email or call (409) 781 5879

⭐️TO ORDER Check our ONLINE STORE for availability.. if it says "Sold Out" we are, in fact, sold out. If you’re not as tech savvy or uncomfortable with ordering online you can call me.

⭐️AT CHECKOUT Once you've entered all of your "Shipping" and billing information a drop down menu will allow you to select “SETX Local  Home Delivery - Monday, Wednesday, or Friday” or Pickup at Donna's Farm Thursday Market
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 We are practicing healthy social distance! So, coolers out or I will  leave your order by the door with a friendly "DELIVERED" text. You can put it anywhere, just give me some instructions how to find it 😉

You can also find our beef here:

Gather: Paleo Café & Market 

 Port Neches T-F 8-4pm and Saturday 11-3 

They are taking orders curbside for to-go and market.

 Donna's Farm Drive Thru Market

Fannett every Thursday 4-7pm

Thanks y’all!

Caveman Blend Caveman Blend

This primal, nutrient dense blend incorporates liver, heart, and our 80/20 ground. Caveman is a great way to introduce the complete nutrition and health benefits of variety organ meats without actually having to deal with them. Get WILD, go CAVEMAN.

List Price: $11.00
Our Price: $11.00
Sale Price: $10.00
Top Sirloin Steak - Large Top Sirloin Steak - Large

Our top sirloin steak is such a versatile and flavorful cut! Grill it up as a thick steak, slice it thin for stir-fry or tacos, cube it for a quick pan sear, the possibilities are endless. This cut comes from the larger end of the sirloin

Our Price: $20.00
10lb Ground Beef Box 10lb Ground Beef Box

Ten pounds of individually packaged 80/20 ground beef.

Our Price: $85.00
Ground Beef 80/20 Ground Beef 80/20

Our ground meat is mixed to 80/20 ratio for the juiciest and most flavorful ground beef. It holds its own beautifully out on the grill or in the kitchen.

Our Price: $9.00
NY Strip Steak NY Strip Steak

Our 1 1/4" boneless loin strip steak, also known as the New York strip is a great lean choice for the grill or pan searing. It has nice marbling and a small fat cap to add texture and flavor.

Our Price: $11.00
Ranch Box Ranch Box

Our Ranch Favorites Box is a sampling of our favorite grass fed beef cuts. This package includes
2lbs Ground Beef 80/20
2 - 18oz Bone-in Ribeyes
2 - 12oz NY Strips
1 - 2.5lb Chuck Roast,
1 - 12oz Flat Iron Steak
All packed in a Wild Earth insulated tote!

Our Price: $125.00
Leather and Jute Tote Leather and Jute Tote

Leather handles, jute body, and cotton trim on the top and bottom come together for a just beautiful jute tote.

Our Price: $20.00
7-Bone Chuck Roast - Large 7-Bone Chuck Roast - Large

Our 7-Bone Chuck Roast weighs 3+lb and is perfect for a traditional slow cooked pot roast. The shoulder bone adds extra flavor and nutrients and the classic chuck marbling lends to a tender, fall apart roast that will have your family beggin for seconds.

Our Price: $27.00

Taste the grass fed difference of the texas coastal prairie 

Grass Fed, 

Grass Finished

100% Grass Fed Texas Beef,

 No Bull!

No Hormones, No Antibiotics

Our beef cattle are never injected with growth promotants or antibiotics.. ever!

Dry Aged

The whole animal is dry aged a minimum of 14-days for optimal tenderness and flavor. 

the Grass fed flavor

We talk about ethics, the environment, and the health benefits of eating grass fed beef.. but at the end of the day whether you really want to incorporate food into your diet is the flavor and the way it makes you feel. At Wild Earth we are steak loving ranchers and we want to help create the ultimate cooking and eating experience in your home. For us, this means providing a consistent product, that is flavorful, tender, and unique. The most beautiful thing about grass fed beef is the flavor difference. Just like honey produced from different pollen has different profiles, beef flavor reflects the animals diet. This allows the opportunity for a truly bio-regional flavor profile that can shift season to season and year to year based on land stewardship and pasture management. This is the element where our hard work shines through and changes the very frequency of a meal.  

Enjoying Your Beef 

Once you get your grass fed beef home, its time to cook! Explore our recipes and resources page for beef handling information and inspiration. 

Southeast Texas 

local home delivery

Check out our Local Only delivery page for products exclusively available for Home Delivery in SETX. You'll find pastured hen and duck eggs, local honey, and we're always adding more!


Not sure if you live in our home delivery bubble?  Give us a call or send an email. You can get together with some friends and neighbors to arrange a delivery together. 

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Our Team

Rachel Wilson
 Owner/ Operator - Wild Earth, Ranching Partner

Bill Wilson
Father, Head Chuck Wagoneer,  Head Rancher

Joel Picou
Herd Health Management, Ranching Partner

Lily Wilson

Official Ranch Golden  

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