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Ground Beef 80/20 Ground Beef 80/20

Our ground meat is mixed to 80/20 ratio for the juiciest and most flavorful ground beef. It holds its own beautifully out on the grill or in the kitchen.

Our Price: $9.00
Farm Box Friday Farm Box Friday

The perfect addition to your beef! This box is ever changing with the growing season and is pre-set weekly, so no substitutions. But we can promise that it will be varied, delicious, LOCAL, and the freshest veggies you can get.. delivered right to your door!

This weeks potential items:
Carrots, romaine lettuce, green onion, diakon radish, turnips, potatoes, cucumbers, swiss chard, red dandelion greens, zucchini

Our Price: $30.00
Wild Wellness Box Wild Wellness Box

The Wild Wellness Box is a great starter pack for nutrient dense health. It comes loaded with 6lbs of sliced joint bones, 2 lbs of marrow bone canoes, 3lbs of our Caveman blend, our ceramic campfire mug for broth sippin', and an insulated Wild Earth Tote! Also included is a recipe card for our wonderfully Wild Bone Broth. The bones are sliced 1" and each 2lb package makes a good batch of slow simmered bone broth. Our Caveman blend is our 80/20 ground beef with liver and heart ground in. Its a great way to include variety meats into your diet using the versitility of ground beef.

Our Price: $100.00
Family Box Family Box

Wild Earth - Family Box $100

⭐️5lbs 80/20 Ground Beef

⭐️1 Top Sirloin Steak - 26oz

⭐️2 Chuck Steaks 20 oz each or 1 Chuck Roast

⭐️Short Ribs 2lbs with recipe for InstantPot tacos

⭐️1 pkg Tenderized Top Round Cutlets - 2pk, 7oz cutlet

Our Price: $100.00
Ranch Box Ranch Box

Our Ranch Favorites Box is a sampling of our favorite grass fed beef cuts. This package includes
2 bone-in ribeyes,
1 chuck roast,
1 flat iron steak,
1 package of our fresh sausage
Wild Earth insulated tote!

Our Price: $125.00
Ranch Favorites Box Ranch Favorites Box

Ranch Favorites Box $125

⭐️ 1 7-bone Chuck Roast 3lbs for InstantPot (or slow cooked) Beef Bourguignon
⭐️ 2 Top Sirloin Steak 20oz each
⭐️ 2 NY Strips 12oz each
⭐️ 2 Flat Iron Steaks 10oz each
⭐️ 2 lbs Ground Beef 80/20
⭐️ Insulated Wild Earth Tote and recipes!

Our Price: $125.00
Rancher's Choice Rancher's Choice

This is an ever changing box of my personal favorites! Let us pick out a mix of ground, grilling cuts, and roasts... with recipes of whats cooking in our kitchen!

Our Price: $150.00
The "I'm so tired of ground beef" Box The "I'm so tired of ground beef" Box

The “I’m SO Tired of Ground Beef” Box $150

⭐️4 NY Strips 9oz
⭐️1 Top Sirloin Steak - 24oz+
⭐️1pk Grillers - 8 links
⭐️1pk Marrow Bone Canoes - 2 lengths with roasting recipe
⭐️1 Boneless Chuck Roast 2lbs
⭐️1 Sirloin flap steak 9oz - Recipe for Sticky Beef
⭐️1 pint local honey from @muldrowbeefarm
⭐️2lbs LOCAL Organic Rice - White Carolina Gold variety from Harvest Grain Mills
⭐️1 dozen Pastured Chicken Eggs
⭐️Packed in our Leather and Jute Tote

Our Price: $150.00
Living Your Best Beef Living Your Best Beef

This fun box has a nice selection of steaks, roasts, and grilling cuts.
Complete with
+ 5lbs of ground beef
+ 2 packs of fresh sausage (16 links)
+ 1 bone-in chuck roast
+ 2 filets
+ 2 bone-in ribeyes
+ 1 Top Sirloin Steak
+ 2 NY Strip Steaks
+ 1 Rump Roast
+ 1 pack of cutlets (2 per package)
+ Wild Earth insulate tote.

Our Price: $250.00
1/16th Share 1/16th Share

1/16th Share $350

⭐️ 15lbs Ground Beef 80/20

⭐️ 2 NY Strips 12oz

⭐️ 1 Ribeye 20oz

⭐️ 1 Top Sirloin Steak 25oz

⭐️ 1 Chuck Roast 2.5lbs

⭐️ 1 Round Roast 3lb

⭐️ 1 Short Rib 2+lbs

⭐️ 1 Sirloin Tip Roast

⭐️ 2 Grillers - 16links total

⭐️ 1pk Cutlet - 2 per pk

⭐️ 2 Flat Iron Steaks 10oz

⭐️ 1pk Marrow bone canoes - 2 per pk

Our Price: $350.00
1/8th (ish) Cow Share 1/8th (ish) Cow Share

This box highlights our "nose to tail" philosophy by representing the full animal, while focusing on premium steaks.

➢ Ground Beef… 15lbs Ground 80/20, individually packaged
➢ For the Grill…
16oz Boneless Ribeye (2) 20oz Bone-in Ribeye (2)
10oz. NY Strip (2) 8oz. Tenderloin Filets (2)
14oz. Top Sirloin Steaks (2)
➢ Roasting…
2½ - 3lb+ Sirloin Tip (1), Boneless Chuck (1)
Bottom Round (1), Rump Roast (1)
➢ Braising…
2lb+ Short Ribs (1), 1lb. Stew Meat
(5) Blade Tenderized, Top Round Cutlets (2pkgs)
➢ Fajitas…
1lb. Sirloin Flap Steak (1)
➢ Bones and Variety…
2lb. Sliced Joint Bones (2) Liver (1), Heart (1)
Beef Fat by Request

Our Price: $500.00