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Meaty Soup - Rib Bones Meaty Soup - Rib Bones

These small packages of meaty ribs are perfect for adding some meat to your slow simmered soup. Each package weighs just over a pound and are packed with flavor. They're just slightly less meaty than our traditional short rib but they too would shine braised in a wine sauce.

Our Price: $4.00
Sliced Marrow Bones Sliced Marrow Bones

Nutrient dense marrow bones sliced into 6-8" canoe cuts. Perfect for roasting and spreading on toast,
adding into bone broths and soups, or even giving to your furry friends as a treat. 2 Canoes per package

Our Price: $10.00
Meaty Neck Bones Meaty Neck Bones

Made up of cross shank and meaty ribs, this 2lb. package has flavorful marrow slices and tender meat ready to slowly simmer into the perfect soup.

Our Price: $10.00
Sliced Joint Bones Sliced Joint Bones

Ideal for nutrient rich bone broth or for dogs. Joints are sliced 1" thick and come in 3.5lb. packages. Due to the odd shape of the bones, sometimes the packaging comes "up" and away and ice crystals form. They are still perfect for roasting and slow cooking into the most beautiful bone broth.

Our Price: $11.00
Oxtails Oxtails

This southern classic is great slowly braised and served in gravy. 1.5lb packages

Our Price: $16.00